We hear you out there! So much to sort through, so much to learn. We have plenty of beads to make you happy, and we have plenty of classes to enhance your knowledge and skill.

Basic Classes:

Basic Bead Stringing

This class is the most basic of all. If you are just starting from scratch, we suggest this class first! You will learn how to make either a necklace or a bracelet and a pair of dangle earrings. A soft flexible wire is used for the stringing, and headpins and ear wires are used for the earrings. You'll be able to build on this skill and apply it to make more elaborate pieces, allowing your imagination to grow!

Basic Wire Chain Link

This class is the most basic of all when beginning to learn the art of working with wire. You'll learn to make wire wrapped chain links and adding beads for enhancement. After this introduction you'll be able to make more "sophisticated" pieces by using the most simple of wire working techniques.

Stretchy Watch Band

Quick and easy. That defines this pretty piece. Make a quick watchband for every outfit or one that goes with everything. Who has time to fuss with clasps? This band is stretchy so even when you're in a rush you still have time to keep track of the time!

Rosary Necklace

Whether you are religious or not, Catholic or not, or just a fan of rosaries, this is a fun and great class to take. Using a basic beading technique and chain, you can create something so meaningful and pretty it's amazing.

Intermediate Classes:

Braided Beaded Watchband

Do you have a watchface without a band? Come on in and learn to make one so you can wear your favorite watch again. Don't have one? Don't worry, we have plenty of faces to choose from. This watchband is fun to make and not mind-boggling at all. Who can say no to that? Make a simple one or go all out with different colors. Great for wearing anywhere!

Crystal V Necklace

This class will teach you how to make a beautiful and elegant necklace. It's main bead is the Swarovski Crystal which will shimmer and shine on your neck. It's not hard to make and when it's done, you'll wow everyone at your next dinner party!

Cupid's Daggers

This class is a step above the Basic Stringing class. Here you use multiple strands rather than one to get the full look. Using dagger beads and other accent beads, you can make a fun bracelet to wear on a night out or a day in the office.

Ladder Stitch

This is the next step after the Basic Stringing class. Using two strands of wire you criss-cross the beads to resemble a ladder. This is not a hard technique - it's just a little more than the basic. Depending on the beads you use, this necklace can be made for any occasion!

Stitchwork Classes:

Caterpillar Bracelet

This class is a combination of two techniques! First, basic stringing and second, weaving using needle and thread to complete the fringe. You'll make a fun and funky bracelet that will go great with any outfit! This class is still on the basic level, so even if you haven't taken the Basic Stringing class you can leave knowing it and more!

Free Form Stringing

This is a great necklace to go along with the Caterpillar Bracelet. It also uses two techniques! A basic necklace is made first, then the rest is embellishment using a needle and thread. This is a fun class that expands the mind! Symmetry can hold back many imaginations and this class can break the ice and help get those creative juices flowing. The class is still on the basic level and is a great introduction to bead weaving using a needle and thread!

Beaded Crochet Necklace

Yowser! Look at this amazing piece! Wonderful for your casual days and elegant nights. A prerequisite for this two-part class is having a semi-strong knowledge on the basic technique on crocheting. Otherwise it may feel awkward for you. Learn how to do it in the first half, go home to finish, and come back for the second half to learn to to finish it off. What more could you want?

Art Deco

This beautiful stitch is Two-Drop Peyote, which is a variation of the basic Native American Peyote Stitch. The wonderful thing about this class is that No previous knowledge of the Peyote stitch is required! Using two sizes of delica beads, you will learn one beautiful stitch and be able to incorporate it into other pieces. Try it - you'll love it!

Multi-Strand Bracelet

This is a great class for those beaders who have a bunch of random, left-over beads. Get rid of those beads by making this adorable, funky bracelet and learning the Brick Stitch while you're at it! This bracelet is perfect for either a day at the beach or a night out on the town!

The Beaded Bead

Why use lampwork beads for everything? Why not make focal beads to string along with your other glass beads? In this class you learn how to stitch a gorgeous beaded bead to put with any other project you are working on! Now that's a cool idea! This is a super fun class and it's simple too. Come on, be unique!

Crystal Daisy Bracelet

Lovely. Gorgeous. Amazing. Like hearing people tell you that's how you look? Wearing this bracelet will get you more compliments than you have ever experienced. The elegance of this bracelet it priceless. Wonderful for your special evening or for Sunday events. Don't shy away from looking your best. Sign up today.

Crystal Braid Bracelet

This is a quickly made bracelet that is beautiful and turns heads. Sign up now to learn this easy version of the ladder stitch. This is a great bracelet to go along with the Crystal V Necklace too! So come on in and learn how to make a great set for a fancy evening!

Chunky Spiral Necklace

This is the most basic bead weaving stitch there is. And, it's fun and easy! This class focuses on the spiral stitch and uses different sized beads to create the chunky center. After learning it you can use many different colored and shaped beads and let your imagination soar!

Diamonds in the Rough

This class is a variation of Right Angle Weave using delicas and glass beads. This is a more advanced stitch, but beginners can still pick up on it with few problems. Don't shy away from a chance to wow the crowd with a stunningly beautiful and classy bracelet!


A slight variation of an African stitch, the flat version of N'debele makes a great bracelet for everyday. Yet, don't underestimate the beauty it holds for evening. This stitch is not hard to do and is quickly made compared to other stitches. It's a perfect bracelet to make for gifts!


This is a Native American stitch that is lots of fun to do and gives you a real sense of pride when it's done. This stitch is commonly found in geometric and animal/nature patterns. It can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, belts, headbands and more! Come learn the stitch and take the beading world by storm!

Peyote Spike Bracelet

Attention all you peyote stitch lovers! Looking for that new funky bracelet to match your unique attitude? Look no further. This bracelet integrates the 2 or 3 drop peyote stitch with drop beads to create texture beyond belief. Fringe added on the sides adds to the fullness of it all. Add a button closure and you're good to go.

Wire Classes: Beginners

Bangles, Bangles, Bangles

This is a fun, fun, fun class that uses the simplest wire techniques. This gorgeous bracelet and the matching hoop earrings are easy and quick to make and will have you styling everywhere you go. Whatever you like - Gold, Silver, Crystal, Glass, Stone - will make a charming and chic set. This is a popular class, so sign up early!

Crazy Wire Bracelet

CrAzY! Crazy for wire and bracelets! Ever get the urge to just make something wild and outrageous but still have a real elegant look with the right outfit? You found it! Use those left over beads from other projects and throw them all together to make one awesome bracelet for you or as a gift.

Figure 8 Bracelet

A bracelet for anyone?...Unisex bracelet?...We've got it! Using regular ol wire with a mallet and an anvil to flatten it out, make an awesome bracelet. Great for men and women of all styles. Just use different colors to match the person. What are you waiting for?

Kissing Hearts Bracelet

Learn to work with wire and have fun doing it. This class is good for beginners on up. Just a little bit of wire and imagination can turn out so well. Learn some basic techniques and have Sheila broaden your wire horizons for your own amazing wire pieces!

Wire Twisting & the Coiling Gizmo

Looking to have a ton of fun and to learn funky techniques with wire? We have just the class for you! Stop on by the class and let your imagination run wild with all the twirling and twisting of wire to make your creations. This is not a class to be shy in, so come get loud and have fun in this class.

Ringed Charm Bracelet

Do you like things that dangle? Then we've got a bracelet you'll adore! We even have ideas all ready for you to choose from if you can't think of anything yourself - the 23rd Psalm pattern or a Chakra pattern. This bracelet is made by connecting decorative rings and jump rings together and embellishing them with beads. You'll be ecstatic with the way it turns out - just wait and see!

Wildflower Necklace

Keep your jewelry light and flowery when you go out-literally. With just a few beads and mainly wire, you won't even notice you're wearing it. It goes fast too. Such a beautiful simple piece of jewely for very little time and effort. What more could you want?

Wire Daisy Bracelet

Keep a little bit of springtime with you where ever you go. This pretty wire flower bracelet is easy and is light. Why wear heavy things when you're on the go all the time, right? Shape, then hammer the wire flat, add rings and you're ready to look great where ever you go.

Wire Charm Bracelet

Wire? Do you want to learn wire? This is one class that you will leave knowing how to handle and manage wire. You'll learn to swirl and twist wire in all sorts of ways so you can link your beads to your chain or any other medium. If wire intimidates you, this is the class you can take to help alleviate your fears!

Wire Cross Pendant

You have beautiful bangle bracelets and beaded necklaces, why not put a pendant on it? Show your faith or make beautiful gifts for loved ones while learning to work with square wire. Add a few crystals or glass beads to add color and shine to it. Don't be like the rest of them, do something different. Sign up now.


Wire Classes: Intermediate

Basic Wire Cuff

Using square wire you'll learn to make the simply beautiful wire-wrapped bracelets, rings and pendants. This two-part class uses a technique that jewelers learn in school. In the first half you are introduced to square wire and learn how to bind it together to create a stunning bracelet. You'll learn little twists and turns you can use to enhance it, and a brief intro on incorporating beads into your work. In the second half you'll learn how to do more elaborate designs or learn how to make a ring or to wrap around a pendant (the class majority makes this decision). A lot of people retake Wire II many times to learn even more complicated techniques. We will always welcome you back anytime you want to learn more!